A – Z

I’ve seen A – Z blog posts. And I’ve toyed with two ideas myself. I’ll get into those later. But I wonder why we use those posts. 

Generating ideas is the first that comes to mind. Of course, we need to keep ourself in the spotlight, so to speak. We want to give our readers and fans material. 

Connecting posts to a specific topic. Like an author I’ve read, posted an A – Z on BDSM paraphernalia to go with her BDSM scenes in a book.

It’s a fun way to get points across.

Informative or political views, ranting, raving about injustices. My list can go on.

So I thought maybe I should do an A – Z series. Maybe I’m just a little ambitious in my idea. Then I worried no one would like it.  And then I thought, well I won’t know unless I try. 

But I’ve put it off. Not because of my fears, which let me tell you, if I let my fears rule me, I’d never be trying my hand at writing, self-publishing, sending out query letters, etc. 

I’ve put it off because my idea is ambitious. It’s an A – Z series on series books. Now I won’t give you the details. Someone will do one on their own, but mine will be short and sweet each week. And that poses another problem. I begin short, but it doesn’t end that way. 

So, I thought of an A – Z series on romance or erotic words. I love words. The emotions they instill in all of us. So I think I’m going to try my hand at that.

So, I’m off to do research on my A – Z ideas. 

Good wishes to all other bloggers and authors who undertake A – Z. 

You have my admiration. 


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