Gods of Egypt

I was thrilled with the research that went into the stories. The accuracy of gods, like Sobek, Nepthys, and Horus were spot on. I enjoyed the accuracy of the time period, the dress of the characters, the speech, and even the food. Beer was often part of the meals written in the stories. 

The prayers and offerings given to the gods were interesting. I wouldn’t know if they were accurate, but I would venture to say they were. Here’s what Veronica says about her research. “I immersed myself in reading and studying . . .I’d gotten so mesmerized by what I was learning . . ” 

Veronica goes on to describe her take on Pharaoh, Nat . . .The various novels are set in roughly 1550 BCE, but since I’m working with an alternate universe, my pharaoh Nat-re-Akhte doesn’t appear on any list of Egyptian kings. His story combines selected elements of various historical rulers, along with his own unique experiences and challenges. The same applies to the men and women over whom he rules. Nor will any ancient map lead you to the nomes or provinces where action and romance occurs in Nat-re-Akhte’s Egypt.

I couldn’t say it better. Read more from Veronica @ http://veronicascott.wordpress.com/

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