Bad Girls vs. Good Girls

When thinking of writing Diamond series filled with four bad girls, I had some ideas in mind. Yes, they’d be bad, bad girls, but their bad girl image was limited to breaking the law.

That is until I started writing about Shelbie. Shelbie Gilbrad is . . . naughty. Well, not completely. She’s naughty when it comes to the right man. Sure, she’s used her sex appeal as a distraction for the gang, but I don’t see her as a bad, bad girl.

I want Shelbie to have qualities of a bad, good girl. So, I set out to compare the two.

According to Matthew Fitzgerald, from his post, Bad Girls vs. Good Girls, bad girls are “fun, exciting, crave sex, ups a man’s status, she’s eye candy, and Matthew states,”bad girls won’t be loyal.” He goes on to tell she’s dangerous, a bad partner, untrustworthy, and expensive.”

Matthew Fitzgerald goes on to give us his rendition of a good girl. “She’s wholesome and nice, a clean slate, unlikely to cheat, often your best friend, will make a good wife and mother, and easier on your finances.” Matthew also makes the point that a good girl, “still may be useless.” His reasons? “She’s as exciting as vanilla. She may be a sexual dud, and she’s fashionably comfortable.”

Well that’s just one opinion, and from a man, but I don’t discount it, because, after all, good girls and bad girls alike look to fall in love.

I found more. According to Wale on rapgenius, “Bad girls ain’t no good, and good girls ain’t no fun.” I’m starting to get a bad feeling. Maybe my bad girl image isn’t going over so well. 

I need one more opinion. And I found it. The novel, Bad Girls Have More Fun is three stories by authors, Arianna Hart, Jan Springer and Ann Vremont.

Their bad, bad girls have the qualities I gave Shelbie. Yes, these women are upstanding citizens, and yes, I’ve reversed my roles, but Shelbie, as all my Diamond girls are felt they had no other way to get out of a bad situation.

So, my premise of bad, bad girls becoming good isn’t farfetched after all.

Enjoy an excerpt of book two in my Diamond series. 

Dagan Hunter Caulfield felt like a fool sitting in a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia waiting for his nemesis. His anger was replaced as the recurring image he had of her flared into his brain.

Ever since he found out she ran, no owned, no designed lingerie his budding lust for her skyrocketed. Now, in his mind, she stood before him in a red bustier, those high, plump breasts, almost spilled out of the top. Breasts his hands itched to squeeze and torture.

The matching garter belt didn’t hide the trimmed treasure of her sex. He imagined the blonde curls were wet with her dew.

Dagan almost groaned aloud as he shifted to ease his burgeoning cock, as he completed her ensemble with red stockings and four inch pumps.  

He snapped his mind away from the fantasy that flared up all too often, lately. Shelbie was a bloody thief. No matter that she was a long, tall beauty with a bodacious body.  




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