I’ve been thinking a lot about this word lately. It’s running through my head on so many levels. The dictionary definition says, “to strongly want something.”

I agree. But that just scratches the surface for me. There are layers of desire in my life.

First, it’s important to get the right emotions in my books. I mean come on, who wants to read a kissing or love scene, and not feel a thing.

I just finished a book, free on Amazon by J. M. Walker, Revealed by You. The cover calls it The dark love of possession. It hinted at dark desires, and I love books like this. The ones that get into the psyche of love and possession. desire2

Then I had an opportunity come my way. It was unexpected and in a different direction than where I want my career to go. But I’ve examined it to see if it will fit in my life right now.

The one thing that I kept coming back to was the word desire. It has other names: passion, want, urge, need, but it all boils down to what do I desire for my life.

Writing. It has been my lifelong dream for the last four decades.

I want to tell stories. And, I noticed, as I spoke with a group of people yesterday, that afforded me this opportunity, that I spent an hour and a half telling them stories. I was asked question after question about my goals, plans; in effect my desires for my career, and time after time I told them a story.

I delved into my past, I spoke of my experiences, I gave them anecdotes, I talked of relationships. I revealed myself to these people. We had a good time. It all came out in story form.

I learned a few things about myself yesterday.

I do havdesire1e a clear career plan. It involves writing, working with authors, editing, reviewing books to help promote the writing community that I’ve come to love.

I don’t have to settle. Yes, I do need a job and money to pay bills, feed, and clothe my family, but that’s going to come. I am going to make it as an author.

I am dedicated to accomplishing my goal. I could take the easy way out, take this job with very low pay, and I’d be helping others while doing it, but I would be betraying myself.

After spending the last 24 hours going back and forth over what I should do, I’ve made the right decision to stick with writing.

It is my desire and has been since I was a little girl. With support, from family, friends, and fans, I’ll make it.


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