After a Hard Day’s Work

Excerpt of Diamonds Sometimes Lose their Luster (unedited). Shelbie’s been drawing and has one of her visions. Enjoy!

Shelbie opened her eyes, blinked and looked once more. She was in the room. Sheesh, my visions are becoming more bizarre all the time.

And it didn’t help that she could still think outside the vision. She felt as if she was in a parallel dimension, trapped in two places at once. Feelings, hers, his, and another person’s bombarded her so, she couldn’t keep them straight, and was giving her vertigo.

Another person? Shelbie glanced behind her. Inky darkness met her. She tried another angle, nothing but blackness. Could it be that I have to draw him/her before I can see?

Could this vision get any worse? There must have been a sound or something, because Shelbie’s attention snapped back to him. He’d turned towards her. Dammit, I still can’t see his face. She spoke, asked him to move into the light.  He didn’t hear her.

He doesn’t even see me.

Frustration bombarded Shelbie. How could this be happening? She could see him, know his feelings, but couldn’t hear him.

Suddenly he flung his hand towards her. All the air left her lungs. He knew she was there. She searched his face. He was shouting. She could tell by the exaggerated movement of his mouth, the anger in his eyes. She could see his eyes.

Focus, Shelbie, focus. They were… No, she couldn’t be seeing it right. Blinking rapidly, she blew out a frustrated breath at the red, blazing like a hot poker, boring into her.

This is too weird. Now I think I’m seeing the devil? She shook off the image, and focused on her surroundings. The room was darker now. Her eyes flicked towards the window. Where minutes ago the sky had been clear, they were now filled with thick, black clouds.  Why is there always something keeping me from seeing him?

Lights, if she could just get to the lamp by the fireplace, she’d be able to find out who he was and who he’s yelling at. Giving up, she searched her mind as to what she could do. If he wouldn’t come to her, maybe she could go to him. Silly, she knew, for she was leaning against a tree in Forsyth Park. But still.

She tried to move a leg, but it wouldn’t budge. She looked down at her feet, focused all her attention on them, willing them to move. They felt as if they were glued to the floor.

Suddenly, fear snaked up her back.

Shelbie stopped. There was someone behind her. She could feel him/her move into the room. Someone… she licked her too dry lips. Someone who didn’t want her here. Someone who blamed her for…

Move Shelbie, her agitated brain practically screamed. Yet, her body refused. Looking up, she waved her hands, yelled. She had to get his attention. She needed to keep him safe, to warn him. About what?  

Shelbie tried to latch onto the change, but it wasn’t really a change, they were both in danger. Closing her eyes, she focused on reaching out to him. But, suddenly she felt a grip around her waist.

Snapping her eyes open, she saw a wall of chest. She felt his arms wrap around her waist, holding her tightly, but tenderly?

She felt safe. No that wasn’t it. Loved? Loved! That was impossible. She’d never been in a relationship before, let alone love.

Shelbie tried to lift her hands to pull his face toward hers, to look in his eyes and see the truth behind the emotion, but once again, she was immobile. Curses. Why be in a vision if I can’t do anything.

They were arguing. Shelbie couldn’t hear a sound, but felt the tense vibration in his body. Somehow, She instinctively knew they were arguing and she was the topic. Me? Why would they be arguing about me? I’m not the one in danger here.

She, no they needed to get out of here. Get them out of here, before something really bad happened. His body went rigid against hers. She prayed for the scene to end before…

  1. I can’t lose him. I’ve got to get him out of the way.

Adrenalin surged through her. Shelbie gathered all her strength. With a last ditch effort, she pushed against him as hard as she could. She watched him stagger back towards the mantle.

She opened her mouth to breathe a sigh of relief, but it felt as if she’d been dunked under water with her mouth open, she couldn’t catch her breath.


She latched onto his arms. Smiling, she had to know that he was all right. His… Her lids fluttered. It’s… She blinked again. Hunter. What was he doing in her vision?

“Shelbie.” He sounded as if he were in a tunnel. It just couldn’t be him. Shelbie could see the burnished gold of the ceiling behind Hunter. Why was she lying on the floor? She frowned. Something was definitely wrong.

“Shelbie.” There was pain, and it was getting darker. She couldn’t focus on Hunter’s voice.

 “Come on baby, come back to me.” The deep timbre of his voice finally breached her addled brain, yanking her back to the present. Her eyes popped open. A shiver skated down her spine. Hazel eyes stared at her, narrowed with concern.




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