Who knew I was trendy?

I’m hooked. Now, before I tell you on what, let me explain. I’m not trendy. I don’t follow celebrities. I don’t gush over the rich and famous. And I certainly don’t care how much they make, what they’re doing, or who they’re doing.

So, I never even thought of joining a site that was trendy. I’ve been asked do you use Facetime, Skype, Tumblir, etc. My answer is usually no. But I got myself into this mess just last week because I wanted an image to go with my idea of my latest character, Dagan.

I’ve used Bigstock photos to find images before. I’ve viewed many on Google Images, and lately I’ve seen many from Furious Fotog. So, I went looking for an image.

Well, there are dozens and dozens out there. My personal faves are cowboys. I never thought I was, but there’s something about a shirtless man in tight jeans, and a Stetson. I could ogle him all day long. And I usually get an eye full of other man candy.But, I was looking for something specific.

I wanted a man in an open dress shirt, maybe a loose tie, dress pants open to reveal a little something. Well, a big something, but I digress.

I couldn’t find a thing that went with what I’d been imagining. Until, I got on Pinterest. It was like I was in a chocolate factory. Not, just man candy, but tons of other things. Like recipes. Who knew I could find recipes of favorite dishes like, shrimp and pasta, rosemary garlic bread, chocolate.

I found so many chocolate recipes I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I immediately tried one this weekend. Tastes great, nice and gooey, decadent. Everything I like about chocolate.fudgybrownies

Then, there’s the photographs. I found some cool pictures of waves and wolves. Wolves are my favorite animal and I had to build a board for them. Then there’s my board on male models, yum, and the reason I went to Pinterest in the first place.

I developed  board on gay love. I’ve been toying with the idea of a gay romance, so I needed images on that.

I’m building a board on food and wine. It seems there’s a pin for any interest out there. If anyone had asked me to join Pinterest before last week, I’d have declined. But now I’m hooked.

Excuse me while, I go find that raspberry cheesecake image I saw earlier. 


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