IRC – Feel the Heat

What do Regina Frame, Amanda J. Greene, A.L. Kessler, Hildie McQueen, Laura Olivia, Red Phoenix, Beverly Rae, S. E. Smith, Julia Sykes, and Anna Zaires have in common?

It’s the IRC Feel the Heat box set.

And let me tell you, it’s a hot one.

I’ve been reviewing series novels right here, and I’m sure many of you are wondering what does a box set have to do with series novels? Everything. Seven out of the ten books are series novels.

Not only does this fit with the theme of this page, it is for a good cause. I have the pleasure of spending several days with these authors, and others beginning September 10, for the Indie Romance Conference.

All proceeds from the set, goes to Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue.

Now, on to my review. Bear with me since there are ten books to get through. Most are full length novels, but a few are novellas. It doesn’t matter, they’re all well written.

Regina Frame kicks off this set with book one of Saving Chloe, the Beaumont Series, book one. Chloe is a young woman just graduated from college, who takes the Big Apple by storm. No, it’s the other way around. She meets Parker at a party he’s throwing, and it’s a whirlwind romance from the get go. It has lust and intrigue in just a few short chapters, there’s not a dull moment.

Amanda J. Greene, gives us an historical paranormal romance in Caressed by Moonlight, Rulers of Darkness, Book One.  Victoria’s parents have died, and she’s forced to sell all to pay for her father’s debts. But it’s not enough to take care of herself and her younger sister, Margaret. They travel to London, where Aunt Nelly is more than willing to take in Margaret, thus separating the two sisters, but not Victoria, who reminds Nelly, who see’s Victoria’s mother, and her hatred of the dead woman causes her to label Victoria a slut. She promises to concede her control over Margaret if Victoria weds within a month. She embarks upon her mission to wed some nice Englishman, but Dorian Vlakhos, king of the Mycanos vampire clan. He’s set his sights on Victoria, and she’s just as intrigued with him as he is with her. Victoria is targeted by Hunters because of Dorian, and once her name is scandalized the only thing for her to do is to marry Dorian. When Dorian is brought proof of treason within his clan, he plans to sail home, leaving Victoria and Margaret behind. Victoria refuses, and what follows is, an adventure to rival many action films.

  1. L. Kessler brings another paranormal book into the mix with In the light of the Moon, Dark War Chronicles. This story is a romance, but the suspense, action, and thrill take precedence over the romance. It’s different than any of the other books in that respect. The story is imaginative, and will certainly keep you turning the page. (I’m not giving much more away, because I’m reviewing all three books here at a later date).

Hildie McQueen gives us another historical romance in Beauty the Highlander, Moriag Series, book one. Highlander books are some of my favorite, and to be able to read an entire series is something. Anyway, book one begins within the walls of the Gordon Keep, where Carrick will wed Analise McGregor within a few days. This arranged marriage has no real bearing upon Carrick’s life, good or bad, but he wonders why the McGregor clan is marrying one of their own to an outsider, besides the fact that it brings the clans together. Analise proves her worth to Carrick through her acceptance of him in her bed, routing out murderers, and accepting him, scars and all.

Laura Olivia’s book was one of my favorites. Her book What the Body Needs is a romantic suspense, my favorite genre. Thus, on that alone I knew I had to read this book. And she delivered. I had no idea who the antagonist was until the end. But, she did such a great job of giving us clues, I should have seen it. Jaklyn O’Mara is forced to accept  bodyguard by her father when her attacker of five years ago, has returned. Marcus Cutter meets the woman of his dreams, hot body, bourbon drinking Jaklyn, and it turns out Jak, the man he believes he’s guarding is none other than the woman he had his tongue down her throat the night before. The storyline is much darker than The Bodyguard, and there are twists, so don’t think Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston.

Two of the books in the middle of the set were romantic comedies. I can’t write a comedy  save my life, but these women do a great job. Red Phoenix’s Play with me at Noon has five chapters, each one titled. Names like The Virgin and The Construction Worker really turn nooners into some fantasy fun. And Beverly Rae’s Invitation to a Vampire was just as imaginative with Miranda doing all sorts of things to capture the attention of Vampire Damian. I can’t say too much about these, because it would just give the entire stories away. And I don’t want you to miss out by me spoiling it.

Let’s see, so far we’ve had a few historical romances, three paranormal romances and contemporary romances. S. E. Smith’s novel, Touch of Frost, combines aliens, paranormals and mad scientists. I won’t venture to label her novel, but I will say I enjoyed it. She actually made me believe this could happen. Frost, an alien law man finds his last mission is to earth to bring back Taar, a reptilian like alien that’s escaped prison. They land in Magic, New Mexico, and what he encounters is nothing like what he’s been led to believe a primitive planet to be. For instance, Lacey, his intended mate, shrinks Taar to toy size after the flesh eating alien threatens her animal refuge, her dog, and herself. Be prepared for lots of action, and no holds barred imagination.

After such frivolity, that I truly enjoyed from Smith’s novel, Julia Sykes’ Savior Impossible #2, gave me another romantic suspense. Rose is a twenty one year old who picks up men for one night stands. She’s a love them, submissive, bondage/pain slut, leave them kind of girl. She can’t take time for a relationship because she takes care of her junkie brother. But she meets her match, or should I say wannabe Dom when she picks up Clayton, who not only turns out to have dominant tendencies, but is also an FBI agent that expects Rose’s brother to help rat out the gang that recruited him. Well, that or go to prison where he’s sure to be murdered. Not a good start to a relationship.

Our last novel, and certainly not least, is Close Liasons, The Krinar Chronicles,Volume 1 by Anna Zaires not only brings back aliens. Earth has been peacefully invaded by a species that supposedly created our kind. Love that new concept. Anyway, Mia, her looks, innocence, and captures the attention of Korum in Central Park, one of the K, as they’re collectively called. This romantic  suspense has lies, counter lies, espionage, counterespionage, and somewhat dubious consent in the form of Korum’s superior attitude that he and Mia have chemistry, so it is okay for him to overlook her objections.

I hope you take the time to pick up a copy of this box set. I have some new authors to read, and they’re writing speaks volumes.  



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