Anxiety or Anticipation

Unless I’m writing, I don’t normally feel anxious while waiting impatiently for something. I haven’t felt this way since I was in school, the heart palpitations, wondering if I’d worn the right outfit, would I say something stupid, make eyes at the wrong boy. You remember those days. 

Well, as IRC draws near, next week, in fact, I’m beginning to get anxious. I’m going to be attending my first writer’s conference, with a lot of talented authors. Many are Amazon bestsellers, some are just plunking along like me, but it’s the new experience that has me on edge. 

I’m a planner. Now, mind you, my family might disagree, and I certainly don’t show it outwardly, but I have my days, weeks, months even planned out in my head. I know what I’m going to do, when I’m going to do it, and I certainly know who I’m going to be with when I’m doing my thing. 

I have to remind myself these authors are just like me. They work out of their homes. Their characters talk to them just like mine talk to me. We write steamy sex scenes, so I need to just chill. 

And by the time the convention comes around I’ll look cool as a cucumber. My anticipation will have taken over. I’ll be so excited, busy meeting authors and making new friends that my anxiousness will have disappeared. Well, on the outside at least. She’ll be in the corner of my mind eating chocolate chip cookies to help soothe her ruffled soul. 

IRC September 10-14. Lebanon, TN. If you’re anywhere in driving distance of the area, come see me on the 14th for book signing. I’d love to meet you. 



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