I’m here

I’m here… in a lonely hotel room… Sorry, my thoughts drifted to being here without hubby for a moment (half good/half bad situation).

I mean IRC convention. The anxiety is gone. Well, lurking beneath the surface until book signing on Saturday. I still have moments of anticipation followed by levity, that I’m sure won’t go away until after the convention is over.

So, this is my first romance conference/convention. I love the laid back style. I have nothing but respect for the authors here. And OMG or better, DUH I should have come to a conference while I was writing my first novel. It would have been soooo helpful. But, that’s in the past.

Moving on… I’m learning so much. The craft is being discussed, but what I know will be the golden nuggets of this conference, for me anyway, is the marketing approach.

Yes, I just received a 5***** review, but that’s just one. And so I must plunk along with getting my name out there along with only good things to say.

That’s all for now. Look for updates and photos later.


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