Pinch me now

So, I’m at IRC, enjoying workshops, making friends, and Bam! I’ve become a stalker.

Yes, there are a lot of talented authors here. Some of them I’ve read, others I haven’t. Of those I’ve read, I truly enjoy their works. BDSM is prevalent in the themes of several. Military is other novel fodder, and then paranormal. I met my favorite paranormal author. And I’ve made friends with one who writes both paranormal and BDSM. She’s great.

And then there’s my favorite. Dark, erotic, BDSM, romance.

And she’s here. (I’m jumping up and down clapping, and wishing I had purchased those books, so she could sign them). So, for the rest of the conference I’ve decided to stalk her.

I’ve made some new friends and writing buddies, that what began as the only thing we have in common is we live close together, but have similar tastes and likes.

I am going to be better for this because of all the author’s I’ve met, and what they’ve done to help me. holly


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