Monday Musings

Bear with me. My brain is on vacation. I’m sitting in a Stressless chair, staring at the ocean. A slight breeze wafts over the porch rail, and the slapping of waves as it lazily hits the beach drifts toward me.

I am in beach heaven.

So different than Dagan, antihero, who took Shelbie, heroine, to the beach in the scene I just wrote for book 2 of Diamond series.

Enjoy the excerpt.

His gaze slid over Shelbie’s form. Dagan could only see the outline, but, damn he couldn’t tear his eyes away if he wanted to. He couldn’t tell her what she did to him. The sight of her lying on the beach in the barely there bikini or the way her laughter shot straight to his groin when they’d ridden the waves crashing onto shore or how when he’d suggested they stop for dinner before heading back, Shelbie, flashing him a dreamy look, telling him in her sexy voice the only thing she was hungry for was him that he almost verbally agreed with her. But his control held firm.

What had ever made him think, taking her to the beach was the best way to get his mind off carrying her to bed, making love to her for hours? It just made it worse.

Dagan shifted in his seat, trying to relieve his growing problem. He would have laughed, but he’d been in this state constantly since the day he met her. Thank goodness they were almost to her rental. He’d kiss her Goodnight in the car and get the hell out of there.

He had known he was smart enough to realize the role she played for Malloy’s gang held an attraction for certain types of men. Him being excluded from that company.

He’d been dead wrong.

Visions of her naked and writhing under him had him hanging on by a thread. What a fool he’d been, and still was because his desire for her continued to increase. While thoughts of revenge dissipated.

Glancing at her out of the corner of his eye, he blamed it on that little sheer blue number she had on over her bathing suit.



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