Monday Musings – Difference in Attitude

Monday mornings are just drab at my house. I am bracing myself, my mind, actually, to get back into the groove of writing, promoting my books, and teaching. I’m sure it’s similar in every house in the world as parents, women, men, teens, children get ready for the week ahead.

Why is that? Why do we have to practically do a 180 to get through our responsibilities. Let’s face it, some truly hate their jobs. And, I can remember my father detesting his. He did it because his family had to be fed. He chose to forego his college education to make a living for his wife and baby girl on the way, over fifty years ago. At times, he regretted not following that dream, but his family was important to him.

Now take me. I get up, and have those same feelings of having to get into the mindset of work. Not because I dislike what I’m doing, but it seems I slip it on like clothes. That garment of higher responsibility. And, I hate it.

My job is fun. Developing characters, manipulating their lives, albeit, they manipulate me just as much. Telling what they’re going through, and working out the kinks for the characters to come together and live happily.

That sounds fun to me. Maybe not to everyone, but it’s a writer’s paradise. So why the need for a different attitude?

For me, it’s also a job. My living room suddenly becomes my office. You might think that’s crazy, to work in one of the most lived areas of my home, but, they live where I work. My characters never leave me. So, to share the area with them is natural to me.

But, I digress. But, I can since I’m just thinking out loud. (Wasn’t funny was it? Didn’t think so). If, I take my writing as just a hobby, I set it aside too often, do something else, like read a book. And once I’m in a book I’m usually gone for hours. So, I get lost in my own little world, writing the stories of my characters.

I need that difference in attitude.


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