Monday Musings – Just a few short weeks

Just a few weeks ago, I was sitting on a beach, soaking up the rays, and splashing around in the ocean when the heat drove me into the water. Today, I’m proofing a novel, grading college papers, and writing.

I long for the sand, sun, surf to be part of my daily routine. But, what’s really got me is my day job. Now, I enjoy teaching online college classes. And, I am down to the bare minimum so I can write. I really love proofing novels as well. But, answering emails, directing other’s on their writing is crowding into my writing time.

So, I figure if I was at the beach, I could manage my time better. I imagine my day beginning with a walk on the beach. Coffee on the deck, grabbing a tub of Noosa yogurt. Sitting back a while listening to the sounds of the surf, while plotting my day’s writing.

Then I need to stop and get hubby his lunch when he comes home. He has an hour, so I won’t get anything done then. After he leaves, I’ll have to stop and get my own lunch. Because, his lunch time is 11:30 because he left early this morning, while I didn’t get up until 8:00 am, so my lunch time differs. It’s about 1:00 pm so I’ll just dip my toes in the ocean. Only for a few minutes mind you, because I have work to do.Then I’ll need to dry off and get an afternoon snack, because I took another walk in the water. By now, I’m ready grade papers and edit the novel.  By the time I am finished, hubby is home and my chance of writing has been waylaid.

Now, this is an exaggeration. I don’t waste time like that, but I do feel cheated on Mondays out of writing because of other obligations. But hey, it’s

Monday. The real work begins on Tuesday anyway.

Happy Monday to you.


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