Monday Musings – My Hometown

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Tennessee. Much like Friday when me and my guy planned a day of just being together. Last week, we, my husband and I, had a few days to ourselves. While we no longer have children at home, our lives still revolve around family very much. And, my high school age niece likes to spend two days a week with me. But last week, my guy took a long weekend off, and we decided to see some of my hometown, Nashville.

My guy usually says, “decide what you want to do and we’ll go.” And this time was no different. I like to do new things, so I wondered, what we could do together in and around Nashville that we both would enjoy. And then, find a restaurant that had food we could share. (We each order our own meals, but like to pick off each other’s plates). loveless

However, before I could come up with an idea, he piped up, “Let’s go to the Loveless.” Then he added, “and see a movie.” Now when the man makes a plan, it’s always good. (I’d love for him to do that more often). And, his suggestion of going to the Loveless couldn’t have been better.

Lon and Annie Loveless served chicken and biscuits right from their front door beginning in 1951 to those traversing along Highway 100. Lon Loveless built a 14 room motel beside their own private home as more and more travelers sought out to stay at the Loveless’ home for Annie’s homemade biscuits and jams.

The Loveless has changed hands several times, and the motel closed in 1985, but the cafe is thriving, and as almost 60 years later travelers are still enjoying Annie’s biscuits. A recipe that’s been handed down, but only the cook knows the secret ingredients. The owners are committed to keeping this landmark alive with surrounding shops and the Loveless Barn, a live music event venue.

Enough about the history. On this trip, I enjoyed breakfast, a waffle, bacon and eggs, while my guy chowed down on the sampler platter of fried chicken, catfish, and the Loveless’ own barbecue, made right on the premises. Their desserts are great, and I purchased a whole pie, chocolate chess to bring home. It is rich, and I’m a chocolate fiend. So, a small piece goes a long way. And here’s a tip from a past visit, the fried green tomato and pimento cheese on a biscuit is a must try.

The Loveless has grown in popularity that it’s quite busy year round. They don’t take reservations for small parties. And expect to wait at least an hour or more before getting to sit down and eat. But that’s okay. There are shops to browse. I brought home chocolate cayenne cookies made from the Grey Ghost Bakery, Maple syrup, and Smoked Nib Brittle.

I suggest a trip to Nashville soon to take advantage of this fine establishment, or if you’re a Nashvillian then a return visit is  a must.



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