Monday Musings

Coming to you live from middle Tennessee, where it’s bitter cold, the wind will knock you down before you can take a step, and there’s a dusting of white stuff on the ground; soon to be swept away by the 30 mph gusts. And, on top of that, I’m relating it to you, my social media friends all before I have my morning coffee.

Happy Monday!

Not too happy about an arctic blast settling in. I’m fussing too much about how it cuts into my walking time. A half mile or a mile or so that I have come to enjoy early morning, every day, six days a week does not phase the weather one bit. Or change it. Seasons do their own thing. And, I’m old enough (not that old) to adapt to my surroundings, be flexible.

But damn, it’s hard when I am bundled up like an Eskimo inside my own home because I’m freezing.

This is the one thing me and my guy agree on. We don’t like cold weather. However, we differ on the solution. I’m ready to sell the house and head for warmer climates. Preferably near the ocean. He’s not ready to commit. Oh, he says, he wants to wait until we retire that when we move to the beach, his days will be filled with fishing and walking along the shore.

I don’t buy it. I think he doesn’t want to leave his hometown. The place he’s lived all his life. I tell him he’s stuck in a rut, it’s boring not to experience new things. But that’s what makes us all unique, not having the same ideas or wanting the exact same things. I’m drawn to diversity.

Well, I got that off my chest. I’ll not bore you with my dislike of winter like weather again, unless I have two fee of snow outside my door. But, I’ll be showing you my pictures of making snow people, making snow ice cream, and sledding.

Coffee’s ready, and I’m off to wrap my hands around a warm man, I mean mug.



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