Monday Musings

I had to grab a cup of coffee before I begin. It’s not that my mind isn’t working, it is. It’s working too  much. While coffee was brewing, I thought I’d quickly peruse a few holiday food gift catalogs that were sent to my door. Now one, I normally order from every year. It has a great selection of cheeses and chocolates.

And, there is one gift in that book that my son, 30 year old man, insists on having. So, I did the mother thing and asked, “son you still want … this year?”

“Of course, It won’t be Christmas without it. Even if I just take one bite.”

Internally, I hand my head, but I’ll do the motherly thing and get it for him. After all he’s my only son. (I have two step-daughters).

But then, I thought I’d try a competitor as well. Not for his special gift, but for similar cheeses and chocolates. They’re offering free shipping, which, well it’s free shipping. Anything free is good, right? Anyway, that was where I messed up.

Now, I’m flipping through pages of one catalog, (An aside note, really hate it when a sentence begins with now, or even now in a sentence because way too often it isn’t used properly, but in this case it is correct). A few items catch my eye. And I begin a frantic search for their confections of raspberry shortbread cookies and chocolate cake in individual orders with no luck. From the other catalog, I’m tempted with selections of toffee, tortes, and truffles. (Note to self, eat breakfast when shopping for food).

Then I remember I haven’t bought gifts from Godiva yet. Their hot chocolate and truffles are perfect for cold winter nights. I’m getting carried away, and hungrier by the minute. Is it all right to eat chocolate cayenne cookies and brittle for breakfast?

I mentally shake myself out of the Christmas food shopping coma I’m in. But it’s so easy to just purchase it all. I mean, I could pick and choose from so many assortments, and walk away with spending thousands of dollars (their handy payment plan only charges me $10 a month for the next five Christmases). But by golly, I’ll have my Christmas candy, cakes and assorted snacks, lovingly massed produced in a factory, and delivered right to my door all with the push of a button.

I pause. Not because I won’t order, but to reflect if I really need all of this. If I give into my impulsive spending, this wonderful food is going to be around for months after Christmas. It’s only me and my guy here. His daughters live hours away and we won’t see the grand-kids again until March or later. No worries though, with all the preservatives the goodies would still be fresh. But, I’m just not sure I want that temptation. Chocolate has a way of disappearing around the house, while my hips expand. Not sure how that happens.

And then again, my pocketbook won’t take a beating. Maybe I’ll just…

Sorry got distracted by the sight of a praline cheesecake. Oh, and there’s a tin of petits fours, I love petits fours. And… Gotta go. Gotta see how much I can spend without going over my credit limit.

Happy shopping!


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