Monday Musings

I just posted the final grades for my students. It’s an incredible, yet somber occasion at the same time. Now, I’m not a teacher. I think of myself more as a guide on their adult journey for knowledge.

Knowledge that will assist them in higher courses that continue onto obtaining their degree that carries over into their career. I’m just a small blip on their radar. But for eight weeks, I get to know some and share moments with some pretty amazing students.

You see I mostly teach military students, or retired military or their children. I know I’ve discussed part of this before, but here I want to take the time to honor them.

It’s not unusual for me to get emails like, “I’m going/coming from the field can I make up my assignment?” I’m in Iraq or Afghanistan or oversees and my books won’t arrive, internet service is sporadic, and my CO has me… so can I have an extension?”

Some may think what in the world are they doing taking classes instead of keeping us safe? But, I have to tell you. I have firsthand knowledge of the hardships they go through.

I’ve been teaching military students for almost thirteen years. And nine years ago my youngest step-daughter married a career military guy. They met online while he as in Afghanistan, and I’ve watched their lives unfold as he was deployed for eighteen months just after they married.

I’ve listened as he’s changed directions in his career which now keeps him home, but because his job is in special forces, he’s constantly training. It’s nothing for him to be gone eight to ten weeks at a time keeping up survival skills, as well as his physical ones.

Taking classes is a way for these men and women to keep something normal in their lives. And I consider it a privilege to be part of that normality. militarychristmas

So, I want to thank all the students I’ve worked with this year. Your hard work and dedication, in the classroom and in your diligence to keep this country safe, is appreciated. You have made my life better for being in it. I know I fall short at times, but I hope I’ve done the same for you.

I am wishing military personnel (all branches), and especially those of Fort Campbell a safe and happy Christmas and New Years.


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