Monday Musings

Another Christmas and New Year has come and gone. But, the sentiment still lingers. It’s not because I still have decorations up. My guy added a new decoration to the hundreds we already have. I’ve posted the pic here, so that is most likely part of me still feels Christmas is hanging around. And it’s not because our son is home for the season. It isn’t even because of the parties and baking that goes on. (I didn’t mention the candy, cookies and other goodies I’m still eating on for a reason. If I don’t talk about them, then the calories don’t count).

It is about the fact that I have a reprieve from teaching until mid-January. It’s about being able to write and edit at my will instead of allotting time between grading on Mondays, editing manuscripts later that same day, and on Thursdays (my guy’s day off).

But it’s mainly about college bowl season.

I’m sure you didn’t see that coming. Yes, the last regular bowl game aired last night.  You see, it’s the time of year my husband I, pick our teams and watch the games religiously to see who gets the better of whom. We don’t have set rules. We can pick the same team or choose separate teams. We both have our favorites. My team won, well the team I picked one. That puts me ahead of him this year. And with just the final game left, airing Monday January 12, with both of us for the same team, he can’t win.

Because of our location, we’re both SEC fans. However, for some reason I also cheer for western teams like USC, Fresno state, etc. whereas my guy likes middle region teams like Illinois and Nebraska.

While the SEC rules in our house, we differ greatly. We have a major rivalry. He’s a UT fan through and through, and I’m Alabama, Crimson Tide all the way. I have bragging rights, and I believe this is the 4th year Alabama will be vying for the championship title. But, they lost to Ohio State while Tennessee won their bowl game. They made a tremendous statement and my life is much happier because my guy’s team won.

My second favorite college football team is LSU. Now, I’ve loved LSU for years. I’m also a big NO Saints fan, but that’s for another time. This past year, I had a new reason to celebrate and cry with the wins and losses of the team. A young man J. D. from our area became a red-shirt freshman as a walk on for the team this past season. He was home for the holidays and it was good to spend time with him again. (My son mentored a few high school teens a few years back and J.D. was one of them). He and another young man, who went in a different direction spent Sunday afternoons around our table. I can’t wait to see him getting some good playing time next year.

As I write this, it seems this is the major part of our holiday, the most ongoing, but also most fun. I am relaxing this upcoming week, not going anywhere, doing anything major. But, we’ll be watching commentators and sports analysts discuss the Oregon and Ohio State championship game all week. This rivalry, between my guy and me, sets the timeline for our holiday season. Once it’s over so is the season. It’s sad to see it go, but we know it will return next year.

Which brings me back to the holiday season. Like our college bowl games, it’s here for a time. For us it’s sometimes seems to long, but actually it’s just the right time. Then, we’ll set it aside until next year, take it out and enjoy food, family, friends, traditions, and our faith. We’ll make new memories and relive old ones.




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