The American Whiskey Trail

Normally on Mondays, I give a blurb about my week, where I am in my writing, how little experience I have with marketing, etc. But for the next few weeks, I’ll be doing something different. Several years ago, my son-in-law discussed his interest in American whiskey making. And my love of traveling led us to talking about The American Whiskey Trail. I wrote about it on a place called It was published for several year on that page and people enjoyed reading about it. It was a historical travel piece.

Since Squidoo no longer exists, now it’s Hub pages. The work violates their policy on alcohol. They’ve taken it down. So I’m adding it here as is from the website except for checking spelling, and will delete it from their website once I’ve posted it in its entirety here. I hope you enjoy it.

The American Whiskey Trail is steeped in our country’s history. We owe our whiskey making today to the Scotch-Irish heritage that immigrated into the United States hundreds of years ago. American whiskies came from those immigrants.

Whiskey’s origins mainly came from Scotland. One can tell they are drinking American whiskey or Scottish whiskey just by the spelling. But just like bourbons and whiskies the Scottish whiskey has a distinct flavor all its own. This lens is dedicated to the American heritage of those immigrants that settled into the USA and brought their whiskey making skills with them.

While prohibition may have curbed the whiskey industry for a short time, it is up and running strong. It is a part of American history, the history of those who immigrated into this country at its birth and during its foundling years. Therefore this tribute is not just to the alcohol industry, but to a bit of Americana.

George Washington, our first president, has ties to the roots of making American whiskey. Others who held to developing us into a nation also were a part of this history, but not as prominent as the 1st president.

The Trail runs through 5 states and can be a an exciting road trip or several weekend getaways for the history and travel enthusiast.

The American Whiskey Trail begins in New York, travels to Tennessee by way of Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky.

This is a circuitous route; however, once you know the history behind the origins you will understand the order of the states involved.

The American Whiskey Trail was established by Distilled Spirits council to promote the cultural and historical impact whiskey has had in America.

The development of American whiskey has ties to George Washington among other well known distillers, i.e. Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, George Dickel, Makers Mark and others.

The American Whiskey Trail allows the traveler to visit 7 historical sites and six operating distilleries in 5 states.

Take a trip with me as we visit these fascinating places.

Fraunces Tavern, New York, is where the whiskey trail begins. It then moves west to the Woodville Plantation in Pennsylvania. Our next stop, we trek east to Gadsby’s Tavern in Alexandria, Virginia. Another westward turn is next to the Getz Museum to learn about Bourbon whiskey that’s made in Kentucky. We then head south to Tennessee, my home state to Normandy TN, Cascade Hollow, Lynchburg where Jack Daniels and George Dickel Whiskey is made. Our last stop takes us to our nation’s first president’s home in Mount Vernon Virginia.

Explore these places. More next week.


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