Lust, Crime, and Redemption?

Until recently, I never thought about my series as anything other than typical erotica. You know, with characters that fall in lust immediately then find out it’s true love.

I planned from the beginning to take my characters in a different direction. They all have shady pasts, did what they had to, to survive and had no intention of feeling bad about it. However, it wasn’t until I got farther into writing book 2 of the Diamond series that I realized redeeming themselves in some way was the whole point of my writing novels of this kind.

You’ll be happy to know, I’ve kept the criteria of erotic novels. I enjoy the fast-paced action that happens in them. I get into the push and pull between the main characters. And, I am a sucker for falling in love, with a big heaping of lust to go along with it.

So, when I read things like, Diamonds Aren’t Forever: Lust, Crime & Redemption Collide in Wholly-Unique Erotic Romance Novel by J.L. Mitchell.” 

It made me stop and think. Is it true? And yes, it was there all along. It just took someone else writing it to make me see it. I know now, that’s where I’m headed with the series. It begins in book 2; Shelbie and Dagan’s story.

Shelbie not only has to confront her past, but she comes face to face with a victim of crime. In the beginning Shelbie is that strong-willed woman who grabs life, refusing to apologize for what she had to do to survive. And she does retain that persona throughout the book, but it’s shown in her tenacity to right a wrong she didn’t commit. 

Shelbie has more problems than Peyton can think up for her romance novels. And I’m working diligently to get them down on paper, so to speak. Book 2 will be out later this year, and we’ll see if Shelbie redeems herself.

And In know you’re dying to ask, “once these women find redemption, so to speak, how much does it change them?”

You’ll be happy to know, not that much. They are still strong women and men who made tough decisions, right or wrong, and have come to terms with it. And while Peyton, Shelbie, Amalia, Arabella, and Diamond eventually left the criminal world, they’re not letting society guilt them into anything.

I know what you’re thinking. Wow, this author is glorifying criminals. Not so. I chose a criminal element because in fiction there is a norm for female characters. And to get away from that norm, I had to give my characters a life that would allow them not to worry or feel bad about certain things, like, having sex often or maybe I should say one night stands, not pondering over why she wasn’t loved, couldn’t find the right boyfriend, was frigid… you get the picture.

To be able not to have a female character worry about all of those things, and let’s face it, we as women have at one time or another thought them, so for me not to have a character worry about them, I had to come up with a different type of heroine. They are hard, but not hardened. They chose a life of crime. But, they all planned their own redemption.

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